Kalyan was born in the United States to an Indian father and American mother and grew up between Wisconsin and his father's native country. His parents are both PhDs, one in mathematics and the other in philosophy. It was in that environment that he was raised. For many years Kalyan was home schooled. Being an analytical but free thinker was a value strongly instilled in him.

At age 23 Kalyan moved to Miami and by 26 he had a son. At 27 he quit his job and decided to try art for a living. The motivation was the desire for his child to see his father do something worthwhile in life. Kalyan didn't know what direction art would take him or what he wanted to make but the last decade has shown him his path.

Kalyan had immediate success with glass sculptures and was on ABC news, ESPN and other major new sites but immediately quit glass. He didn't want to be known for a gimmick and viewed the glass sculptures as very cool but a gimmick. His art is about examination of human beings and he wanted to say more things than the medium would allow. Each one of Kalyan's works is about the destructive nature of the human condition. He is hard but empathetic with the message. He says, "The great men we have killed, the environment we have destroyed and the lies we tell ourselves are terrible things. But we are supposed to hate the sin and love the sinner. And the sinner is everyone who looks at my work. And the sinner is me. Because we are all human."